Gyre: The Plastic Ocean, now on exhibit

Gyre: The Plastic Ocean, now on exhibit

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Gyre: The Plastic Ocean, now on exhibit

“Gyre: The Plastic Ocean” Exhibit Puts Ocean Trash on Display in Alaska
February 24, 2014 by Office of Response and Restoration

Last summer, we heard from the NOAA Marine Debris Program’s Peter Murphy
as he accompanied other scientists, artists, and educators on the Gyre
Expedition, a 500-mile-long collaborative research cruise around the
Gulf of Alaska. Along the way, Murphy and the scientists would stop
periodically to survey and collect marine debris that had washed on shore.

Meanwhile, the artists with them were observing the same trash through a
creative lens. They were taking photos and collecting bits of it to
incorporate into the pieces now on exhibit in Gyre: The Plastic Ocean at
the Anchorage Museum. This hands-on exhibit opened February 7 and will
be available at the Anchorage Museum through September 6, 2014. The Gyre
project aims to bring perspective to the global marine debris problem
through art and science.

Gyre: The Plastic Ocean, now on exhibit
February 19, 2014 by NOAA Marine Debris Program

By: Asma Mahdi

Gyre: The Plastic Ocean is now on exhibit at the Anchorage Museum. It
features debris from a 2013 scientific expedition to study marine debris
in Alaska and debris artifacts from across the globe. The exhibition
will run through Sept. 6, 2014. Take a peek at some of the pieces on
display at the museum:

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