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The Seekuh has arrived at the destination of her mission in Hong Kong. After being shipped by container to Asia and assembled on site, she finally reached her destination and anchored at the pier next to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum in the center and in front of the Hong Kong skyline. The people were very interested in this strange-looking ship from Germany. On February 1, 2018, the Maritime Museum hosted a joint reception by OEOO and our sponsor Li & Fung (Lornamead / cosmetic brand CD), in which numerous decision-makers from politics, administration, environmental protection and business were represented. Günther Bonin presented our concept of “Marine Litter Cleanup” to the guests present. Meanwhile, the Seekuh turned a few laps in front of the museum for the guests of the reception.


At the reception in Hong Kong: Günther Bonin at the side of German actress Katja Riemann, the brand ambassador of our sponsor CD and v.l.n.r. Stefan Mulder of Lornamead (brand CD), Gerard Raymond of Li & Fung and on the far right Barbara Brevern (Lornamead).


Seekuh in front of the skyline of Hong Kong

3. febrero 2018