Global CleanUps

Global CleanUps

oeoo Organizes Global CleanUps

oeoo organizes regular cleanups at various locations around the world, in which oeoo members participate as well as numerous volunteers. Whether on the North sea and the Baltic Sea, in Hong Kong, in Battambang/Cambodia or in Rio/Brazil – whether beaches, river banks or green spaces: it is crucial that (plastic) waste is collected from nature before it enters waters.

In Battambang, Cambodia, up to 5 cleanups of the Sangkae River are performed weekly. In addition to a highly motivated team of locals, a local volunteer program also recruits volunteers from all over the world to participate in the cleanups.

Together with our sponsor Kärcher and the local authorities, cleanups on the North Sea and Baltic Sea are organized under the name “Action Sea Hero” in the summer and autumn months. Interested parties can register in our Facebook group and stay up to date on the latest dates.

Currently, our newly founded group oeoo Brasil has already organized the first cleanups on the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana.
In Munich, oeoo is a co-organizer of the Munich Plogging Mob, a local plogging group that meets regularly for plogging (jogging and picking up garbage).

Beach Clean-ups with Multinational Volunteers in Greece 2021

Numerous beach clean-ups have taken place since the beginning of 2021, primarily involving traveling motorhome enthusiasts from Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. These clean-ups were organized by Tina and Ralf, members of OEOO. For example, in collaboration with the Greek organization Save your Hood, a large stretch of beach outside Kalamata was cleaned.

International Solidarity Cleanup for the Nile Coalition – 13th March 2022

On Sunday, 13th March 2022, the International Solidarity Cleanup organized by oeoo and its partner organizations took place simultaneously in 15 locations worldwide to support the Nile Coalition formed by oeoo, Verynile, and environmental organizations in four Nile basin countries. Under the motto “Waters have no borders!”, teams from oeoo and local partner organizations conducted clean-ups.

Organizations from the following 10 countries participated worldwide: Egypt, Brazil, Burundi, Germany, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Rwanda, and Uganda.

“Action Sea Hero” by oeoo and Kärcher also continues in 2020

Already 11 cleanup actions of the action Marine Hero on the North and Baltic Sea have been running in 2019, which oeoo organized together with our sponsor Kärcher.
In total, more than 200 marine heroes have collected more than 550 kg of rubbish from the beaches.

We want to expand these successes this year. That is why the action continues. Interested parties can register in our facebook group Marine Heroes and get to know the new cleanup dates and venues in a timely manner. Let’s hope it continues soon!

Here is a small video by Kärcher, which introduces our cooperation.

“MEERESHELDEN” Campaign with Stadtwerke Kiel

Together with our new sponsoring partner, Stadtwerke Kiel AG, we can significantly expand our local MEERESHELDEN project in 2022. While regular beach cleaning actions have been carried out at the Baltic and North Sea as part of the project in previous years, it will now be complemented by a marine conservation and environmental education program for schools in Kiel.

Our OEOO educational experts, Dr. Rüdiger Stöhr (microbiologist) and Sabine Frank (children’s book author), will visit classrooms with interactive and age-appropriate presentations, workshops, and readings.

The school program will be supplemented by the active participation of the classes in the Kiel Sea Film Festival CineMare and the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) on the beaches of the Kiel Fjord during the third weekend of September.

The MEERESHELDEN project is under the patronage of Dr. Ulf Kämpfer, the Lord Mayor of the state capital Kiel, who is deeply committed to marine conservation. The city of Kiel is not only a “Marine Conservation City” but also the proud winner of the German Sustainability Award 2021 in the category of major cities.

The plan is to further expand the MEERESHELDEN project. Interested schools from the Kiel region are welcome at any time, and participation in the project is free of charge for the schools and students.

Contact: Dr. Harald Frank /


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