Cleaning oil with PURE / Deurex

Cleaning oil with PURE / Deurex

Cleaning oil with PURE / Deurex

In order to be able to remove spilled oil and chemicals from water bodies in an environmentally friendly, fast and residue-free manner, oeoo is working with DEUREX, which developed the oil binding cotton wool PURE. PURE is an environmentally friendly wax-based oil and chemical binder that can bind up to 8 times its own weight to oil or pollutants.

PURE is suitable for all hydrophobic liquids, i.e. oils and chemicals, alcohols and surfactants. The binder, on the other hand, does not absorb water and always floats on the surface, even fully absorbed.

Mit Öl vollgesogenes PURE kann mit einfachsten Mitteln ausgepresst und vielfach erneut verwendet werden. Das verursacht wesentlich weniger Müll als herkömmliche Bindemittel. Zudem sinkt es nicht ab und verschmutzt den Meeresgrund.

By the way, PURE has been awarded the European Inventor Award 2017 by the European Patent Office as an outstanding invention.

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