Less Plastics!

Less Plastics!

I want to reduce my plastic consumption

But how? Avoiding plastic seems to be more difficult than ever in our everyday lives. Everything is wrapped in plastic, shrink-wrapped and the share of disposable plastic is steadily increasing. 

But with these tips you can consistently reduce your own plastic consumption.


Reduce plastic consumption

With these tips, you can consistently reduce your own plastic consumption.

Get involved yourself

Apart from becoming a member of OEOO, there are various ways to actively engage in the fight against plastic (waste).

  • Online Shopping & Delivery

    Online shopping for daily groceries or ordering from food delivery services not only generates a significant amount of packaging waste but also consumes unnecessary energy and releases CO2 into the environment due to delivery by trucks. It can hardly get any worse! Not to mention the poor working conditions of the delivery personnel. How about overcoming your own convenience and instead opting to eat out or cook at home? The environment will thank you for it.

  • Tap Water vs. Bottled Drinks

    Drink tap water instead of mineral water or soft drinks. Firstly, it saves you from carrying heavy bottles, and secondly, it reduces the flood of single-use plastic bottles. At the very least, opt for beverages that are packaged in refillable glass or PET deposit bottles.

  • Coffee to STAY vs Coffee to GO

    Do it like the Italians in their espresso bar: 5 minutes for a relaxing coffee break with fresh coffee from a porcelain cup instead of lukewarm dishwater from the paper cup should actually always be possible. Alternatively, bring your own returnable coffee mug, there are chic, lightweight and absolutely leak-proof models that also keep the coffee warm.

    For to-GO drinks in the fast-food restaurant or when it really needs to be a coffee-to-go, at least avoid plastic lids and the plastic straw.

  • Avoid Packaging

    Open fruit and vegetables instead of shrink-wrapped goods. Avoid the thin plastic bags, because fruits and vegetables are sufficiently protected by their skin, so you can lay it loose on the cash desk. You wash them before eating anyway. But there are also reusable and washable bags from old PET bottles, in which one can pack your goods.

  • Buy Large Packs

    Better buy large packs instead of single packs, you should completely refuse multiple packaged goods.

  • Reusable Bags & Totes

    Use reusable cloth bags, baskets or backpacks instead of plastic bags for shopping. If you always have such a shopping bag in your pocket, then even the spontaneous shopping tour without plastic bags is no problem.

  • Avoid Plastic/Single-Use Tableware

    Grilling season and garden parties: avoid using plastic utensils, plastic cups, and plastic straws. Even disposable grills are harmful to the environment! When on the go, use either glass or metal water bottles or wash and refill plastic bottles at home to take with you.

    Pack sandwiches/snacks or fruits in reusable food storage containers or lunch boxes instead of plastic bags/cling film. Aluminum foil and cling film are among the short-lived plastic waste in the kitchen that can easily be replaced with beeswax wraps. There are reusable alternatives available for such purposes.

  • Waffles instead of Cups

    Ice cream parlor: Order ice cream in a waffle cone instead of a coated or plastic cup. If you don't like waffle cones, it's better to discard the cone if necessary, rather than generating unnecessary plastic waste.

  • Hygiene Products

    Soon they will hopefully will be banned: Cotton and paper swabs are available in every drugstore as an alternative to plastic ones. Instead of individually packaged tissues, it's better to buy tissues in a cardboard dispenser. Rather than using liquid soap from a disposable plastic dispenser, use a bar of soap.

  • Plogging / Collecting Waste

    Plogging – always wear a bag and a glove while jogging / walking and pick up plastic garbage / debris on the way. It’s even more fun in the group! Perhaps there are like-minded people in your place of residence or a plogging group that you can join. In Munich, for example the Münchner Plogging Mob, where OEOO is co-organizer.

  • Founding Initiatives

    Two friends encourage and together establish an environmental discussion group - post notes on the bulletin board at work, in sports clubs, or fitness clubs, make announcements on neighborhood forums like nebenan.de, seek like-minded individuals, and simply get started.

  • Leave Packaging at the Store.

    When shopping, visibly reject excessive packaging and leave plastic behind in the store - retailers need to realize that consumers do not approve of plastic.

  • Glass instead of Plastics

    Yoghurt, milk, sauces / ketchup, cream, oil, vinegar, mustard – for all those goods where there are alternatives, use glass rather than plastic.

  • Question Critically

    Take action yourself. Through your own actions, by asking questions to the manufacturer or in the store ("Why is it not packaged differently?"), through initiatives or by supporting projects.

  • Inform and Inspire

    Informing your surroundings and encouraging others to live a more plastic-reduced lifestyle.

With music we take on plastic!

A Million Miles Away

With "A Million Miles Away," we are taking the fight against plastic waste to a musical level, aiming to raise awareness and spread our message through our song.

Take a moment to listen!