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ECOLA STATE PARK -- Crescent Beach is a majestic place, bounded by thick 
forest and rocky headlands that jut from the sea, rounded and 
bird-covered to the south, sharp like sails to the north.

It's also, as Marc Ward has discovered, a "plastic sink," one of the 
spots along Oregon's coast where thousands upon thousands of plastic 
fragments spin out of the North Pacific Gyre and settle into 
high-tideline sands.

Ward, a 54-year-old Seaside native, splits his year dashing between 
protecting sea turtles in Costa Rica and tracking an increase of 
toxic-laden "microplastics" on Oregon beaches. Those two vocations are 
closely related, given the plastic found in the stomachs of sea turtles, 
seabirds and other ocean creatures.

Seaside activist tracks waves

21. März 2014