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Plastic Busters for the Mediterranean Sea

The project will be carried out using an eco-friendly oceanographic
vessel that will cover the whole Mediterranean basin over a period of
three months. The ship will also touch keys areas in the Mediterranean
basin characterized by different anthropogenic impact.

The ship, which will house researchers from various Mediterranean
countries, will also represent an opportunity for interaction with
stakeholders in the main harbors touched. The route, the state of
scientific activities and dissemination events carried out by the vessel
will be published on a dedicated website.

In order to solve the gap of need of sensitive indicators of plastic
debris in Mediterranean environment sentinel organisms have been
selected and will be monitored during the expedition in order to detect
content and effects of marine litter in different ecological
compartments. All sampling and monitoring activities reported below will
be carried out during the Plastic Busters expedition.




Plastic Busters for the Mediterranean Sea

31. Dezember 2014