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NOAA Marine Debris Program Releases 2014 Accomplishments Report

October 9, 2014 by NOAA Marine Debris Program

By: Nancy Wallace

2014 was a ground breaking year for our program. We paved the way in the
marine debris field by releasing a first of its kind economic study that
assessed how litter affects beachgoers? economic welfare and publishing
marine debris science papers summarizing the issues of entanglement and
ingestion. Looking to the future, this research will help us grasp a
better understanding of marine debris impacts to our economy and our oceans.

As we forged forward with new science, we also continued the important
work of removing debris from our oceans and cultivating future
environmental stewards through education and outreach. This year, we
reached 12,628 students and 168 teachers through hands-on education and
outreach. We also continued our efforts to clean up and remove disaster
debris from Superstorm Sandy and the 2011 tsunami that struck Japan.
There is no doubt that more severe storm events are in our future. These
events will leave behind significant amounts of debris, and in our new
response role, we are working with states across the nation to
strengthen our coastal resilience through regional planning.

I am excited to build on the momentum we created into this new fiscal
year as we launch partnerships across the country and continue to
address and remove marine debris from our oceans. I am honored to work
with a dedicated staff and a passionate community that eagerly wants to
keep marine debris out of our oceans and Great Lakes. With great
excitement, I present our 2014 Accomplishments Report, which highlights
some of our major achievements over the past fiscal year.

Fiscal Year 2014 Accomplishments Report

Finding marine debris solutions is an every day task for the NOAA Marine
Debris Program. The program made great strides in 2014 towards
addressing and raising awareness about the global debris issue.

Here's a look at a few highlights and some major accomplishments from
this past year.


NOAA Marine Debris Program Releases 2014 Accomplishments Report

29. Dezember 2014