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More Than 12 Million Pounds of Trash Collected During International
Coastal Cleanup

Cleanup across globe produces the highest total amount of trash ever
collected in the event?s 28-year history and serves as a call to action
by Ocean Conservancy

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Cindy Yeast
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May 21, 2014

Washington, DC The total amount of trash picked up during the 28th year
of Ocean Conservancy?s International Coastal Cleanup weighed more than
12 million pounds, the most ever collected in the event?s history,
according to a report on the Cleanup and its data released today. This
new total is an indicator of the tremendous amount of ocean trash found
on shorelines and in the ocean and waterways around the globe.

The data were collected last fall during the 2013 International Coastal
Cleanup, the largest annual volunteer effort aimed at improving the
health of the ocean. While the report and the information it contains is
a celebration of a truly international volunteer effort to rid the
world?s beaches of trash and debris, Ocean Conservancy also is using
this occasion to make a worldwide appeal to find solutions to stopping ?
at its many sources ? the trash that ends up in the ocean.

2014 Trash Free Seas Report: By the Numbers
A collection of infographics from our 2014 report

2014 Ocean Trash Index
Download the data collected during the 2013 International Coastal Cleanup.

The Ocean Trash Index presents state-by-state and country-by-country
data about ocean trash collected and tallied by volunteers around the
world on one day each fall during Ocean Conservancy's International
Coastal Cleanup®.

Volunteers have collected data since 1986, and the numbers are used to
raise awareness, identify hotspots for debris or unusual trash events,
and inform policy solutions.

Cleanups alone can?t solve this pollution problem. Nevertheless, the
Ocean Trash Index provides a snapshot of what's trashing our ocean so we
can work to prevent specific items from reaching the water in the first

Want to do more? Join the fight for a healthy ocean by taking the pledge
to help turn the tide on ocean trash.


More Than 12 Million Pounds of Trash Collected During International Coastal Cleanup

16. Juli 2014