The Marine Litter Network is an online information portal that provides
a knowledge hub and networking opportunities to promote global
discussions on marine litter. Through the network, members will be able to:

FIND: Through mobilization of resources, opportunities and connections,
the Marine Litter Network enables members to find
resources/projects/information, contact and connect with a diversity of
stakeholders and partners who are already advancing objectives of GPML
focal areas.

SHARE: Members can share experiences about and resources and updates on
marine litter. Resources available for users to share or download
include capacity building, outreach and media materials, projects,
publications, meeting documents, and strategies, action plans and policies.

INTERACT: The Marine Litter Network brings together a variety of
stakeholders to form common interest groups that use and share
collective knowledge, expertise and best practices to promote solutions
to the global marine litter problem.

TAKE ACTION: The Marine Litter Network enables participants to make
commitments and take action to address the global marine litter problem,
such as through signing the Honolulu Commitment and using the Honolulu
Strategy as a framework document to advance their own marine litter

TRACK PROGRESS: On a yearly basis the GPML Secretariat may use
information submitted through the Marine Litter Network to track
progress on the implementation of the Honolulu Strategy. Progress is
tracked through identification of projects and commitments made by GPML
stakeholders and participants, strategy areas in need of greater
stakeholder involvement, and feedback between group members regarding HS
goals and priority areas.

Marine Litter Network

13. März 2015