Sanctuary Currents 2014
Marine Debris: How Do You Pitch In?

General Information and Program

By now we are all familiar with our collective role in polluting the
planet, the ocean included. It is a rare trip to the beach or tide
pools, even here in the beautiful Monterey Bay, that doesn't involve the
discovery of marine debris in some form, be it a beer can, a bottle cap,
or an increasingly ubiquitous cigarette butt. But we are also critical
for the many potential solutions; solutions ranging from the relatively
small-scale beach clean-up to much larger scale bans on plastic bags.

The annual Sanctuary Currents Symposium provides an exciting opportunity
to bring scientists, managers, students and members of the public
together to address the most important issues of the day with respect to
the Monterey Bay and beyond, and this year we are taking on marine
debris. Please join us for a morning of lively discussions about the
many scales of problems and solutions, ranging from the small plastic
nurdles to a state-size garbage patch, from the deep sea to the
intertidal, from local policies to the international arena. Discussions
will occur around plenary sessions featuring internationally-recognized
scientists, a research poster session, and exhibitry throughout the day.

How Do You Pitch In?

27. April 2014