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Gulf Shores determined to keep beaches clean through proposed litter
ordinance, enforcement

By Marc D. Anderson | manderson@al.com
on February 06, 2015 at 1:54 PM, updated February 06, 2015 at 4:27 PM

Digging their heels into a $1.2 million plan to protect the city’s most
valuable asset, Gulf Shores officials are preparing to launch a new
litter-fighting and recycling campaign on the beach in time for spring

Coupled with a planned recycling center, the city will expand and
improve its beach trash collection with cans placed along roughly 4
miles of beach between the Gulf State Park Pier and Little Lagoon Pass,
which includes high-density condominium areas and homes on West Beach.
The 4-mile stretch of beach west of the pass, which is lined with
Gulf-front rental homes, will likely be monitored first to determine if
trash and recycling receptacles are necessary.

To ensure the program works, the city has budgeted funds for four beach
rangers and two additional police officers who will enforce a
soon-to-be-approved litter ordinance as well existing beach restrictions
such as having no glass or dogs on the beach.

“The overall point is that we’re determined to do our part to keep our
beaches clean,” Mayor Robert Craft said during Monday’s work session.
“And to be able to get out there and pick up what is bagged and to be
able to monitor it and notify the owner, ‘You’ve got to clean it up.’ If
you don’t, we will. And when we do we’ll send you a bill … so get it
cleaned up. It is a proactive role that we take to make sure our beaches
don’t end up like they have at spring break in the past.”

Gulf Shores determined to keep beaches clean

13. März 2015