oeoo in Uganda

In spring 2022, an oeoo project started in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, to rid Lake Victoria of plastic waste.

Cleaning up Lake Victoria

Kampala is the capital of Uganda – located on Lake Victoria. Around 30 million people live on the lake, which is the third largest in the world in terms of area, about the size of Bavaria. The lake provides water, it supplies fish and serves as a transport route. But unfortunately, Lake Victoria is threatened by water pollution, plastic waste and other causes, such as the excessive spread of water hyacinths. 
Together with our local partners, the Uganda Junior Rangers, we are launching a new project in Kampala. Their stated goal is to rid Lake Victoria and the Nile of pollution and to expand and improve access to sanitation for coastal communities on Lake Victoria, the Nile and other water bodies. We will support them in this effort.

We have already worked with Junior Rangers, a non-profit conservation organization that promotes environmental protection and the preservation of Uganda’s cultural heritage through volunteers, as part of the Nile Coalition and the International Solidarity Cleanup in March 2022.

Our team members in Kampala are highly motivated and have already oeoo-branded one of their boats.

In addition to collecting the garbage, they also take care of sorting it.

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