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Three years ago, together with our sponsoring partner, the Schwarz Group (Lidl, Kaufland), we started a river cleaning project on the Bekasi River in Bekasi near Jakarta/Indonesia. These three eventful years of construction and investment, including the Covid pandemic, which slowed everything down somewhat due to various lockdowns and travel restrictions, are now coming to an end.

The ongoing operation of the project is now being handed over to the local city government of Bekasi. The city is also one of the partners of the project and provides the staff for the daily cleanups with the “Frog Troops”. For the next five years, they will be responsible for the Bekasi River Cleanup Project “BRIC” under the supervision of oeoo from the beginning of 2023. Of course, oeoo will remain on board as technical partner, consultant and for a possible further expansion of the activities.


Project operations are now running smoothly, the local Frog-Troops are in control of the e-boats, and the concept of CO2-neutral operations has proven its worth – even under the challenging conditions on the river. Not only the 3 SeeHamster are supplied with the energy generated by photovoltaics, but also the conveyor belt that takes about 500 kg of river trash out of the Bekasi River every day. The lighting and infrastructure as well as the air-conditioned office container at the BaseCamp on the river are also supplied with the abundant solar energy.

About 60% of the river waste is returned to the local recycling system via local recyclers. Most of this is organic waste, various plastic fractions and paper and cardboard. The Frog Troops also regularly clean the polluted banks of the Bekasi River. During the current campaign, Harald Frank (oeoo) and Hannah Nicklas (Schwarz Group) were able to support the Frog-Troops at a particularly polluted spot. The collection result at this approximately 70 m long bank area was after 1.5 hours an oppressive 858 kg!

City government of Bekasi/Indonesia takes over project operations at BRIC

6. October 2022