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Joel König is the new brand ambassador for oeoo and Marine Litter Cleanup. Since August 2021, oeoo has been the new main sponsor of the Swiss badminton professional, who has already been to more than 50 countries worldwide on his way as a professional athlete and is currently one of Switzerland’s top 3 in the world rankings.

Joel attaches great importance to sustainability and environmental protection not only as a professional athlete, but also personally. He has been offsetting the CO2 emissions of his flights to tournaments for years and also tries to live sustainably in other ways. Joel will carry the cause of oeoo and Marine Litter Cleanup all over the world. He will not only show this on his new jersey, but will also communicate it in interviews and at tournaments worldwide.


“I am very happy to have found a new main sponsor in One Earth – One Ocean, and at the same time being able to make a small contribution to raising awareness of active conservation and preservation of the Earth as an ambassador for oeoo through this partnership.”


Professional and ambassador in a globally popular sport

Badminton is often mistakenly equated with the recreational game of shuttlecock. However, while shuttlecock focuses on the longest possible rallies, badminton is an extremely fast Olympic competitive sport with fixed rules.

Badminton is considered the fastest ball sport in the world, a smash can reach 400 km/h, the world record is even 493 kilometres per hour. Squash, tennis or golf do not reach such high speeds. The sport has its roots in England and is as popular throughout Asia as football is here.

Here is more information about Joel König and his task for oeoo.


Top athlete as ambassador for oeoo

24. September 2021