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Xiaojun Zhang, Minggang Zheng, Ling Wang, Yinghua Lou, Lei Shi, Shujun Jiang,

Sorption of three synthetic musks by microplastics,

Marine Pollution Bulletin,Volume 126, 2018, Pages 606-609, ISSN 0025-326X,


Microplastics and synthetic musks (SMs) are two typical
organic pollutants in the marine environment. In this study, the
sorption of three SMs to microplastics in a simulated seawater
environment was examined. Tonalide (AHTN), musk xylene (MX), and musk
ketone (MK) were the musks investigated, while polypropylene (PP) was
used as the microplastic. It was found that the equilibrium sorption
time was about 10h and the adsorption kinetics model conformed to a
Lagergren adsorption model. The adsorption capacity increased with
decreasing particle size. Adsorption reached a peak at 25°C, and the
adsorption capacity was not sensitive to the concentration of sodium
chloride. There is a need for more research and monitoring of
microplastics in the marine environment due to their strong ability to
absorb organic pollutants.




Sorption of three synthetic musks by microplastics

22. September 2020