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The project partners officially kicked off the project with an inauguration ceremony at the base camp on the Bekasi River.
OEOO’s project partners are the Schwarz Group as sponsor, the local waste and recycling specialist PT Wasteforchange and the city government as operator of the waste collection boats.

After the start-up had to be aborted in March due to corona, project managers Dr Harald Frank and Paul Marbach were now able to carry out the remaining project work on site during a 4-week stay and train the municipal Frog Troops to take over the operation.


Last year, two SeeHamster with different waste collection equipment were already delivered. These different collection equipment accommodate different rubbish hotspot configurations in the river and riparian areas. The third SeeHamster has now been set up and commissioned on site. It uses a solar-powered robust conveyor belt to collect the water waste and can work both mobile and stationary in combination with a floating barrier installed in the river.

In addition, the construction of the Base Camp was completed. The Base Camp on the riverbank consists of a converted container to house the technical equipment and an office workstation and provides further space for waste sorting and temporary storage. At the same time, through the installation of 25 square metres of photovoltaics on the roof, it provides the electricity for the 3 electric-powered SeeHamster waste collection boats, which operate on battery power.

This is the first time that the entire ongoing project operation of water waste collection has been successfully set up as a zero-carbon technology.
By returning the collected recyclables to the local material cycles, this project goal was also achieved.

oeoo officially launches river waste purification project in Bekasi/Indonesia

7. December 2021