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Dear members, dear environmental friends!

In the last three months of 2020, despite the worldwide Corona restrictions, there was quite a lot to offer in the projects of One Earth – One Ocean.

While the SeeKuh 1 was brought to the winter camp in Kiel, several new collection vessels were about to be completed. For example, SeeKuh 2 in Lübeck takes concrete forms. It will be the world’s first solar-powered waste collection vessel and will be used in our next major project in the Philippines.

And also in our cleaning project in cooperation with the Schwarz Group in Indonesia, three SeeHamsters are to start work by May at the latest, which are also driven environmentally friendly with electric motors in battery operation.

Just before Christmas, oeoo Rio launched a massive cleanup campaign over a whole weekend with nearly 300 people involved at Guanabara Bay, collecting nearly 20 tons of rubbish.

In 2021, our cooperation with VeryNile in Cairo will also start the first joint cleanup, andVeryNile is already building the first SeeHamster for Cairo on site.

By the way, our clean-up operation “Make the sea clean” with AEG / Electrolux continues and can be viewed under https://www.aeg.de/local/promotions/meer-sauber-machen/. The joint campaign recovered 8,725 kg of marine litter from the end of August to the end of November 2020, and the figures are updated monthly.

At the beginning of December, oeoo was among the finalists for the awarding of the German Sustainability Award 2020, Europe’s largest award for ecological and social commitment. Unfortunately, we did not win it in the end, but it was an honour to be part of it!

As our projects continue to be financed exclusively by donations and sponsorships, we are still pleased to receive your financial support. Every euro counts!

Now we wish you every success and health for 2021 and would be pleased if you would continue to actively support us.

Avoid plastic, wherever you go!


Günther Bonin

and the team of One Earth – One Ocean e.V.

P.S.: You can automatically donate money to us with every online purchase on Amazon. How? If possible, use AmazonSmile instead of the regular Amazon and select One Earth – One Ocean as a favorable social organization. AmazonSmile is an easy way to donate 0.5% of the purchase value to OEOO with every purchase – at no extra cost to you. Information about AmazonSmile can be found here. Thank you very much!

Do you already know our annual review of the last year?

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oeoo with the biggest cleanup action ever in Rio

Extreme pollution from Guanabara Bay off Rio has been causing major damage for years. Fishermen who make a living from the waters are the most affected. For this reason, oeoo Rio, together with its members, is making great efforts to create a cleaner environment for several fishing colonies.

Oeoo Rio had therefore called for a major cleanup with 200 local fishermen and numerous volunteers on the weekend of 19th and 20th December 2020. The goal was to remove 20 tons of garbage from the environment of Guanabara Bay!
A huge event in Guanabara Bay and the biggest CleanUp action ever in Rio. 200 local fishermen and about 100 volunteers cleaned the beaches and waters of Guanabara Bay. Over seven truckloads of waste and rubbish were collected and weighed – after all, it was 18.4 tons of waste. The clean-up was a complete success!! The garbage is still sorted to see which fractions have been collected and what can be recycled.

The video describes the extreme pollution in Guanara Bay in Rio de Janeiro and what the local fishermen are doing together with oeoo Rio.


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The SeeKuh 2 is approaching its completion in Lübeck. It will be the world’s first fully solar-powered garbage collection vessel, with a carousel with vertically and horizontally rotating solar panels.

Together with the new and largest SeeHamster 6 (3 x 6 meters) the SeeKuh 2 , which can also be dismantled, will be shipped to Manila/Philippines in April, where it will be used in our next major project.

oeoo launches Cambodia’s third cleaning project in Phnom Penh

Already in our fourth year, we are already working with our waste collection project in Cambodia. In addition to Battambang (2018) and Siem Reap at Tonle Sap Lake (2020), our third cleaning project will soon start – this time in the capital Phnom Penh. For this purpose, the SeeHamster 5, which will be used in Siem Reap until 12-2020, was brought from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh, where we set up a new cleaning centre at the beginning of the year.

In addition to cleanups, education and educational work are also in the foreground. This project is also financed by SUND and other donors. The long-term goal is to clean up the Mekong and its tributaries in Cambodia.
In Battambang, we can already map the entire recycling cycle from the collection and sorting of plastic waste to recycling. In the medium term, the collected plastic waste collected and sorted in landfills in the region is to be recycled into new products. The German group SUND, which is active in the field of plastics production and distribution, is the technical partner here. Four tons of pure HDPE were sent from Battambang to Hamburg, where they arrive at the end of January and are analyzed by SUND to see if the quality of the collected and sorted plastic waste is sufficient to be recycled into HDPE foils and thus recycled back into garbage bags. In the long term, a plant could be opened in Asia to produce new products from the recyclate on site. In addition to new jobs, this would create a recycling industry for the processing of recyclable materials.

In Benkasi / Indonesia, three SeaHamsters will be on site by spring 2021, which will also be powered by electric motors in battery operation in an environmentally friendly manner. The batteries are charged by solar energy.The fleet of collecting vessels in the project in cooperation with Schwarz Group (Lidl) no longer works with nets or ramps, but partly with a new conveyor system, which was tested for the first time in November. One SeeHamster is to serve as a collection vessel, another is equipped with a catch basket for the garbage and the third has the electric conveyor belt. The mission will start in March.

Arthouse GmbH from Jengen in the Allgäu region with its hat label CHILLOUTS is committed to the environment and against plastic waste. The company has an OCEAN HAT made from recycled plastics in its range. For each cap sold, 1 euro is donated to oeoo. Shortly before Christmas, managing director Eli Assoulin handed over a €6695.00 donation cheque to oeoo. We would like to thank you very much and can only highly recommend the Ocean Hats. By the way, CHILLOUTS will continue to donate 1€ each for each Ocean Hat ordered to oeoo.


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In November, a TV article about our ghost network actions together with SDA in the Baltic Sea was shown in the magazine “Deutschland 24/7” (Episode 16 ) of the TV channel DMAX – here a compilation.

2021 (new) starts our cooperation with the local NGO verynile in Cairo, which was broken by Corona in 2020. After all, according to our plans, verynile already has a SeeHamster funded by oeoo built in Cairo. This will create local jobs and save on customs, transport and import taxes. In spring there will be a first joint cleanup of oeoo with verynile on the Nile.

First oeoo Cleanup in Australia: on “Coogee Beach” in Sydney

Thanks to the great commitment of Logwin Air & Ocean, a first beach cleanup on behalf of oeoo has now been successfully organized in Australia. Logwin Air & Ocean invited its team including Family&Friends to the joint cleanup of the famous “Coogee Beach” in Sydney on December 11th, 2020. Despite the stormy weather, Logwin Australia team members in Sydney, along with their families and friends, took part in this environmental event to give something back to the community and support oeoo’s worldwide Marine Litter Cleanup Project.

oeoo Newsletter 01-21

15. January 2021