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A Nile cleaning day organised by oeoo and VeryNile with fishermen and volunteers will start on 9 August at 9.00 am. For the joint cleanup, 15 fishermen and volunteers will join forces to remove (plastic) rubbish from the Nile and raise awareness about the littering of the Nile and its banks. The event is also accompanied by the local SeeHamster VeryNile I. All collected waste will eventually be sorted and sent for recycling.

Since December 2020, VeryNile has been working with local fishermen to remove PET bottles from the Nile. The project now integrates 45 fishermen who collect about 5 tonnes of PET every month with their own boats. Every week, they bring the collected bottles to VeryNile’s collection point on Qursaya Island in Cairo and receive the equivalent of 0.65 euros per kg of plastic bottles. They also receive training on environmental protection and access to medical care for themselves and their families. The plastic is weighed by a team of six plastic processors, sorted by colour (transparent, blue, green) and pressed into bales.

Trucks bring the bales of recycled plastic to BariQ in Egypt, where the bottles are processed into pellets. These pellets are eventually exported to Spain, where they are recycled into high-quality materials under the SeaQual label. The collected HDPE as well as non-recyclable plastic is given to local waste collectors for further processing.


“Celebrating Cairo Fishermen” – Joint Cleaning Event by oeoo and VeryNile on 9th of August

7. July 2021