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Together with Siemens Gamesa, oeoo Manila launched today its first pilot project with local fishermen of Bulungan Fishing Port, supported by the Maritime Police Group.

With 4 traditional fishing boats, a service boat from oeoo and many helping hands, the river arms in the districts of La Huerta and Don Galo as well as the mouth of the Parañaque River will be cleaned this week.

The amount of rubbish is overwhelming. On the first day alone, about 2 tons of rubbish were pulled out of the black, stinking water.

Even though this work can only be a drop in the ocean, our presence on the ground is extremely important in order to achieve a rethinking among the local residents so that they no longer use the river as a rubbish dump. The locals reacted very differently. In addition to rejection and displeasure, shame was more in the foreground for many.


Cleanup action of the Parañaque River in Manila

21. November 2022