The pollution of the oceans, rivers and lakes by (plastic) waste is one of the greatest challenges for the world society and an aspect that is increasingly attracting attention in science today. Connections and effects on humans and animals are barely extensively researched. In order to provide scientists, journalists, environmental protection organizations and NGOs worldwide with the opportunity to quickly and comprehensively find out about the state of research, the environmental organization One Earth – One Ocean e.V. has set up an extensive knowledge database on marine littering on its website. The collection offers free access to several hundred recent scientific studies from around the world.
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Trophic predator-prey relationships promote transport of microplastics compared with the single Hypoaspis aculeifer and Folsomia candida

4. January 2021

Dong Zhu, Qing-Fang Bi, Qian Xiang, Qing-Lin Chen, Peter Christie, Xin Ke, Long-Hua Wu, Yong-Guan… Read more »

Microplastics contamination in molluscs from the northern part of the Persian Gulf

4. January 2021

Abolfazl Naji, Marzieh Nuri, A. Dick Vethaak Environmental Pollution, Volume 235, 2018, Pages 113-120, ISSN… Read more »

‎In-vitro-Effekte von nativen Mikroplastik auf ‎ ‎Fischkopf-Nieren-Leukozytenaktivitäten‎, Environmental Pollution

4. January 2021

Cristóbal Espinosa, José María García Beltrán, María Angeles Esteban, Alberto Cuesta Volume 235, 2018, Pages… Read more »

Marine environment microfiber contamination: Global patterns and the diversity of microparticle origins

4. January 2021

A.P.W. Barrows, S.E. Cathey, C.W. Petersen Environmental Pollution, Volume 237, 2018, Pages 275-284, ISSN 0269-7491,… Read more »

Microplastic pollution increases gene exchange in aquatic ecosystems, Environmental Pollution

4. January 2021

Maria Arias-Andres, Uli Klümper, Keilor Rojas-Jimenez, Hans-Peter Grossart Volume 237, 2018, Pages 253-261, ISSN 0269-7491,… Read more »

Bioaccumulation of organic pollutants in Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin: A review on current knowledge and future prospects

5. November 2020

Edmond Sanganyado, Imran Rashid Rajput, Wenhua Liu, Bioaccumulation of organic pollutants in Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin:… Read more »

Consistent patterns of debris on South African beaches indicate that industrial pellets and other mesoplastic items mostly derive from local sources

5. November 2020

Peter G. Ryan, Vonica Perold, Alexis Osborne, Coleen L. Moloney, Consistent patterns of debris on… Read more »

Investigating microplastic trophic transfer in marine top predators

5. November 2020

Sarah E. Nelms, Tamara S. Galloway, Brendan J. Godley, Dan S. Jarvis, Penelope K. Lindeque,… Read more »

Current opinion: What is a nanoplastic?

5. November 2020

Julien Gigault, Alexandra ter Halle, Magalie Baudrimont, Pierre-Yves Pascal, Fabienne Gauffre, Thuy-Linh Phi, Hind El… Read more »

Sorption of three synthetic musks by microplastics

22. September 2020

Xiaojun Zhang, Minggang Zheng, Ling Wang, Yinghua Lou, Lei Shi, Shujun Jiang, Sorption of three… Read more »

Plastic ingestion in aquatic-associated bird species in southern Portugal

22. September 2020

Katy R. Nicastro, Roberto Lo Savio, Christopher D. McQuaid, Pedro Madeira, Ugo Valbusa, Fábia Azevedo,… Read more »

Micro-plastic ingestion by waterbirds from contaminated wetlands in South Africa

22. September 2020

Chevonne Reynolds, Peter G. Ryan, Micro-plastic ingestion by waterbirds from contaminated wetlands in South Africa,… Read more »

Spatio-temporal variation of anthropogenic marine debris on Chilean beaches

22. September 2020

Valeria Hidalgo-Ruz, Daniela Honorato-Zimmer, Magdalena Gatta-Rosemary, Paloma Nuñez, Iván A. Hinojosa, Martin Thiel, Spatio-temporal variation… Read more »

Variation in plastic abundance at different lake beach zones – A case study

24. August 2020

Hannes K. Imhof, Alexandra C. Wiesheu, Philipp M. Anger, Reinhard Niessner, Natalia P. Ivleva, Christian… Read more »

Citizen scientists reveal: Marine litter pollutes Arctic beaches and affects wild life

24. August 2020

Melanie Bergmann, Birgit Lutz, Mine B. Tekman, Lars Gutow, Citizen scientists reveal: Marine litter pollutes… Read more »

Evaluating scenarios toward zero plastic pollution

23. July 2020

Winnie W. Y. Lau, Yonathan Shiran, Richard M. Bailey, Ed Cook, Martin R. Stuchtey, Julia… Read more »