The CBO Foundation of Canada (CBO Foundation) is committed to doing
whatever it takes to Change The World’s View Of Plastic Waste. It will
accomplish this by increasing awareness of the plastic packaging waste
issue and ocean impact, and monetizing all plastic waste to engage
citizens worldwide to become part of a viable solution to this waste
issue, one the CBO Foundation developed to collect and eliminate this
waste from our local landfills, and thereby our oceans.

The CBO Foundation, its business partners and employees will never be
anti-plastic or point fingers at the obvious parties who have
contributed to this waste issue. We are all guilty in some way for the
issue we face. Instead – through the CBO Tribe of Ocean Activists we
will accept our individual responsibility for this issue and work
together with the product retailers and manufactures, and our fellow
members in a united way to solve the problem, or at minimum, seeks to
reverse the growing and damaging trends of the 1,200 tons per hour of
plastic waste entering our oceans at the source.


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CBO Mission Statement

Published on 8 Jan 2015

CBO Foundation Founder/President Peter Douglas shares his organizations
mission statement and core objective of changing the World’s View of
Plastic Waste. Learn more at

CBO Mission Statement

21. März 2015