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Call for Reviewers of the World Ocean Assessment

A Notice by the State Department on 06/06/2014


Notice Of A Certification.


The U.S. Department of State, in coordination with the National Ocean
Council, requests expert review of the draft World Ocean Assessment.

The United Nations (UN) has embarked on a regular process for global
reporting on, and assessment of, the state of the marine environment,
including socioeconomic aspects, the product of which is called the
World Ocean Assessment (WOA). The projected completion date for the
first WOA is December 2014. Subsequent WOAs are expected to be generated
every five years in order to document trends in the state of the marine
environment. The WOA includes more than fifty subjects grouped within
four main themes: marine environment and understanding of the ocean's
role in the global integrated Earth system; food security and food
safety; human activities that influence the ocean or are influenced by
the ocean; and marine biological diversity. A scientific and technical
summary will integrate content to show linkages through
interdisciplinary subjects such as human impacts, ecosystem services,
and habitats. More information regarding the evolution and methodology
of the WOA can be found at www.worldoceanassessment.org.

This fall, UN Member States will have an opportunity to review the draft
WOA, which is expected to be comprised of 50 chapters (approximately 15
pages each) and a 70-page technical summary; the outline illustrates the
very wide range of expertise needed for such review. The Department of
State invites experts in relevant fields of expertise to participate in
the U.S. Government review of the draft WOA. Beginning on 1 August 2014,
experts may register to review the draft WOA at review.globalchange.gov,
a Web-based review and comment system. Registered experts will have
access to the draft WOA on 2 September 2014 and will have until midnight
30 September 2014 to submit their review comments using the Web-based
review and comment system. Detailed instructions for review and
submission of comments are available at review.globalchange.gov.

A Review Coordination Team comprised of Federal scientists and program
managers will develop a consolidated U.S. Government review submission.
Only comments received via the Web-based review and comment system
within the comment period will be considered by the Review Coordination
Team for inclusion in the U.S. Government review submission.

This certification will be published in the Federal Register.

Dated: June 2, 2014.

Evan T. Bloom,
Director, Office of Ocean and Polar Affairs, U.S. Department of State.



Call for Reviewers of the World Ocean Assessment

12. September 2014