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Interview: Building an Ocean Cleanup Brigade in Bangladesh

Posted On February 11, 2015 by Nick Mallos

Ocean trash. Marine debris. You?ve heard it?s a problem. An
ever-increasing amount of plastic pollution is entering our ocean every
day. Surprisingly, many countries around the world lack the most basic
trash collection services. As incomes rise, people are able to afford
more and more plastic goods. But in many countries, the ability to
collect and manage waste isn?t growing at nearly the same rate. As a
result more plastic is ending up on beaches, in rivers and eventually
the ocean.

We?re lucky at Ocean Conservancy to have an incredible network of
passionate and devoted coordinators and volunteers through our
International Coastal Cleanup who work tirelessly to keep their local
beaches and waterways free of harmful plastic debris. Just last week, I
had the honor of interviewing our Bangladesh Country Coordinator
Muntasir Mamun, about the problems with marine debris and how the
Cleanups in his country have been successfully recruiting more and more

Building an Ocean Cleanup Brigade in Bangladesh

13. März 2015